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We Go Home promises a novel approach to what appears to be protein powder

We Go Home Protein Powder

The still relatively new and growing We Go Home has been incredibly impressive with each of the supplements it’s released. Despite being a newcomer, it has shown a strategic approach to each of its products, entering specialized categories, not always mainstream, and with advanced formulas. It started with a pre-workout, then moved into superfood, amino, and now it appears to be turning to protein powder.

We Go Home has posted up a teaser image which you can see above, featuring a mostly blurred-out supplement, although we can see the outline of the tub and a keyword down the side. Most fitness enthusiasts will recognize the shape as a typical 2lb tub of protein powder, and not too surprisingly, the keyword that reads down the side of the mystery product does indeed say “protein” or, more specifically, “protein8”.

Based on all of that, we’re pretty confident in saying the next new supplement out of We Go Home is very likely going to be some sort of protein powder, but it won’t just be anything typical. The brand has said it is bringing a “novel approach” to the product in its teaser. While many others make claims like that, after seeing the supplements We Go Home has come out with, we are certainly excited to see what it’s cooked up.

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