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Sweden’s WellAware creates a series of plant proteins using locally sourced ingredients

Wellaware Sweden Sourced Protein Powders

Health and wellness brand WellAware Nutrition, out of Sweden, has a handful of new protein powders on the market this month, and they’re pretty different from any of the many other competitors it has in the category. Going alongside the likes of Whey 100, Collagen Whey Protein, Casein, Big Mass, and some others at WellAware is the similarly branded collection of Green Pea Protein, Yellow Pea Protein, and Oat Protein.

The supplements are named after their primary sources of plant-based protein; for example, Green Pea Protein packs 16.9g of protein per serving from pea protein concentrate. What makes them so different, at least from the rest of WellAware Nutrition’s protein offerings, is they’re made entirely in Sweden, with the green pea, yellow pea, and oat protein grown and farmed locally, and they have the Från Sverige badge to prove it.

Another interesting feature of the Sweden-sourced protein powders Green Pea, Yellow Pea, and Oat Protein from WellAware Nutrition is that they are just a source of protein. The products don’t have any other ingredients for flavoring or consistency, only the pea and oat protein. The approach makes them ideal for use in functional protein baking or something where you can add your own flavor, like a smoothie or shake.