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Pre-workout GET FKD gets a much-needed second flavor in Blackberry Lime

Zimfitness Electric Blackberry Lime Get Fkd

ZIMfitness started the year by reformulating and relaunching its stimulant-powered pre-workout, intensely named GET FKD, giving it a well-put-together and well-rounded profile. The product now includes respectable highlights like 6g of citrulline malate, 300mg of AlphaSize and 1.5g of tyrosine to drive focus, 4g of the reliable performance-enhancer beta-alanine, and, of course, caffeine, at a robust 350mg.

The revamped GET FKD was reintroduced in one flavor with a classic Cherry Ice, and up until this week, that was still the only option available for the pre-workout. Launching this week and alongside GET FKD’s original Cherry Ice is another fruity recipe in the sweet-sounding Electric Blackberry Lime. The flavor extension was undoubtedly necessary, as it’s always nice to have a variety of tastes to choose from.

ZIMfitness has said its exciting new Electric Blackberry Lime GET FKD is releasing this week, but only to select retail partners. It officially launches everywhere on the first day of the New Year, and fans will be able to pre-order it from the brand’s website two days after Christmas on the 27th.

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