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Animal face bursting brand Zoomad enters the saturated protein powder space

Zoomad Labs Isozoo

Spanish brand Zoomad Labs is known for sports nutrition supplements uniquely featuring animal faces bursting out the side of their tubs, including the original pre-workout Moonstruck with a gorilla face mold. Zoomad has just dropped a completely new product that, for the first time in its history, doesn’t have any sort of animal face coming out of the side, although there appears to be a reason for that.

Zoomad Labs has entered the protein powder category with a supplement named ISOZOO, and it comes in a sizeable 3lb tub, which is significantly larger than the bottles of any of its other products. We’re guessing that the 3lb size played into having no 3D animal face bursting through the side of ISOZOO, either way, the supplement has launched, and it’s a much-needed addition to Zoomad’s growing lineup.

ISOZOO features a very lean nutrition profile led by a typical 25g of protein in each of its servings, all from premium whey isolate, alongside only 1.8g of carbohydrates, practically zero sugar, under a gram of fat, and 119 calories. As you can see, the product is relatively straightforward, and it is out and available now in the brand’s home country in three flavors, Chocolate Latte, Vanilla Cake, and Bubble Berry.