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ADVANCEDgg adds health and wellness gummies to its line of mostly gaming-focused supplements

Advancedgg Gummies

Last year for Halloween, we got our first edible product from the team at ADVANCEDgg, with ready-to-eat, Crunchy Whole Locusts. This wasn’t a prank or joke, the gaming brand was indeed selling the product in small 10g containers at $15. ADVANCEDgg is ringing in the New Year with an entire family of edible items, although this time around, they’re in delicious gummy format with health and wellness benefits attached.

ADVANCEDgg’s Advanced Boost line of gummies consists of six different supplements, each confirming its goal or direction in its name. There is Multivitamin featuring a blend of vitamins and minerals, Vitamin C, Turmeric, and Joint Support built for joint health. Next is Healthy Hair Support featuring biotin and vitamins C and E for hair health, and finally, Mushroom Extract Complex combining ten different mushroom extracts.

While everything in the gummy format Advanced Boost series is relatively simple and straightforward, it is a great addition to ADVANCEDgg. It offers the brand’s already large list of fans something they can add to their order to level up their health and wellness in specific areas. The gummy supplements are mostly consistently priced at $12.99, except for Mushroom Extract Complex at $14.99 and Healthy Hair Support at $19.99.