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Apollon teases an upcoming supplement named Casanova with a custom condom

Apollon Nutrition Teases Cassanova

Apollon Nutrition may have only just been announced as our Brand Of The Year for 2022, but today it’s showing you why it won that prestigious award and is already teasing another addition to its lineup. One of the most impressive things the hardcore brand did last year was release completely new supplements, including five new categories, and that looks to be what’s happening in today’s teaser.

The image above is what Apollon Nutrition has shared, and if you’re second guessing what you’re seeing, it is indeed a condom with the look you find on the brand’s supplements. Inspecting the details on the condom’s packaging, it seems as though Apollon has put the information of its upcoming product Casanova, on a condom to reflect that it is some sort of sexual health and bedroom performance formula.

The condom in the teaser does indeed say Casanova, confirming the name of the supplement; it also mentions that it’s for the bedroom and helps maximize blood flow. Apollon Nutrition has certainly expanded well beyond the stimulant categories it was originally heavily known for, and Casanova will only further that. Again, this is just the start of the New Year, and less than 24 hours after Apollon won Brand Of The Year, and it is showing no signs of slowing down.