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Two-month-old Rogue Energy Drink welcomes its first new flavor in Black Cherry Lemonade

Black Cherry Lemonade Rogue Energy Drink

Over the past year or two, we’ve seen many newcomers to the highly competitive world of energy drinks, many of those being from dedicated gaming supplement companies looking to deliver an energizing experience in a beverage format. One of the more recent entries to the space is the well-known gaming brand Rogue Energy, which introduced the Rogue Energy drink two months ago with 200mg of natural caffeine.

Rogue Energy debuted its beverage in three flavors with Tropical Breeze, Cotton Candy, and Strawberry Burst, and despite it being only a few months old, the brand is already back, adding another taste to its menu. Making it four options for the energy drink to start 2023 is another fruity recipe in Black Cherry Lemonade, featuring all of the product’s usual highlights in 200mg of natural caffeine, CarniPure, and five calories.

The Black Cherry Lemonade Rogue Energy drink is already in stock and ready for fans to purchase over on the official Rogue Energy online store at While those original flavors, Tropical Breeze, Cotton Candy, and Strawberry Burst, come in packs of four at $11.99 and 12 at $32.99, Black Cherry Lemonade has just the full case available for now, and unfortunately, no variety bundle to try the whole family in one pack.

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