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Blizzard returns for a 4th edition and in a special edition square tub

Blizzard Sneak Energy

Blizzard is a special edition flavor the gaming brand Sneak has brought back around the same time every year for its signature energy and focus-supporting supplement Sneak Energy. The product had one of the most memorable introductions of all time, where the UK company put the flavor in a 60kg ice sculpture and waited for it to melt, then when it took too long, the process was sped up with a flamethrower.

Sneak has indeed brought back its Blizzard Sneak Energy this week, making it the third occasion the product has returned, and the fourth time it’s been available overall. The brand describes the taste of Blizzard as a citrusy cloudy lemonade, and for 2023, it’s been packaged in an alternative square tub, as opposed to the circular bottle of the many other Sneak Energy flavors, as you can see in the image above.

Blizzard Sneak Energy 4th Edition has gone live on Sneak’s official online store today in tubs and a collector’s box, and alongside several pieces of matching merchandise, including a shaker bottle, hoodie, a beanie, and a custom, mascot-molding ice tray.

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