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Revamped C4 Smart Energy involves a change in branding, size, flavors and caffeine source

C4 Smart Energy Revamp

A sneak peek at a rebranded C4 Smart Energy drink recently surfaced, with the product wearing a colorful new can design on its 12oz size and confirming the coming of five new flavors. The brand has since revealed everything that’s involved in the makeover, as it’s more than a redesign and additional flavors; it’s a complete revamp of the premium beverage.

For 2023 there are many changes coming to the C4 Smart Energy drink; firstly, the look, as previously previewed and pictured above. The product is switching its design to a more color-filled look, although, like the original, the background still has an eye-catching gradient. Secondly, C4 Smart Energy is shifting away from the standard 16oz, and is only launching its rebranded energy and focus beverage in a slim 12oz can.

It is worth noting that while a smaller 12oz C4 Smart Energy drink is on the market, the formula in this one will be different in that it has all of the same active ingredients and dosages as the 16oz. Previously that was not the case; the 12oz C4 Smart Energy had 75% of the caffeine of the larger 16oz product, sitting at 120mg of InnovaTea natural caffeine, not 160mg.

On the topic of InnovaTea, that is another area that’s changing slightly for the redesigned C4 Smart Energy, as it has been replaced by another branded source also from the ingredient house NutriScience Innovations, in InnovaBean natural caffeine from green coffee bean.

As mentioned, there are a whole bunch of flavors coming with the C4 Smart Energy drink makeover, and they are Tropical Passionfruit, Cherry Berry Lime, Strawberry Guava, Blood Orange Yuzu, and Peach Mango. Those are the new additions to the menu and will sit alongside three familiar faces in Watermelon Burst, Blue Raspberry, and Black Cherry, with the entire menu rolling out into stores across the country shortly.