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Clean Drink steps out of energy drinks and into hydration with Clean Act:ve

Clean Actve Hydration Drink

In the recent months, Clean Drink has rolled out a completely new beverage, separate from any of its energizing, caffeine-fueled products, such as the signature, self-titled Clean Drink. The beverage is called Clean Act:ve, which separates itself from the rest of the Swedish brand’s catalog by not only its formula but also the packaging format it comes in.

Clean Act:ve is a sports drink that focuses primarily on supporting and improving hydration and performance. The product brings together coconut water, a variety of key electrolytes, and a few vitamins. The brand rolls it all up into a 500ml plastic bottle with absolutely no sugar, carbohydrates, or fat, and it pushes the calories to basically nonexistent at one.

Clean Drink debuted its hydration-supporting Clean Act:ve sometime in the past few months, and it has already made its way into many different stores and stockists. There are two flavors to choose from for the brand’s alternative, caffeine-free carbonated drink in Raspberry and Apple, and they’ll cost SEK 269 (25.69 USD) for a case of 12 at Proteinbolaget.