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I Am F*cked Up energy drink triples its menu with Cloudy Apple and Watermelon

Cloudy Apple I Am Fcked Up Energy Drink

Several months ago, the Swedish sports nutrition brand Swedish Supplements entered the intensely competitive world of energy drinks with a beverage version of its uniquely named pre-workout, “I Am Fucked Up”. The product didn’t come with all of the same ingredients and dosages as the original supplement; it took a simpler approach, featuring B vitamins, carnitine, yerba mate, ginseng, green tea, and black pepper.

One of the more interesting points about Swedish Supplements’ I Am Fucked Up energy drink was it debuted in only one flavor with Raspberry, as opposed to a complete menu as we typically see from the brand. Fortunately, about seven months on from the introduction of the beverage, Swedish Supplements has unveiled two refreshing new tastes for the energy drink in Cloudy Apple and a straightforward Watermelon.

Both of Swedish Supplements’ new I Am Fucked Up energy drink flavors, Cloudy Apple and Watermelon, obviously come with the beverage’s usual formula powered by 200mg of caffeine, and they sound like they’re already making their way out to stores in the region, if not then shortly.