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Panda puts freeze-dried strawberries and cookie pieces in its newest protein powders

Cookies Cream Panda Fuel Protein Powder

Fuel is Panda Supplements’ competitor in the protein powder category, and while it may have a whey-based like many other products out there, it does an incredible job standing out in the crowded space. The supplement has a completely transparent label, listing how much protein you get from each of its sources, and the brand infuses it with premium Prohydrolase enzymes, probiotics, and AstraGin for better absorption.

Panda Supplements’ Fuel definitely falls into the realm of a premium protein powder, and while it only has three flavors on its menu at the moment in Chocolate Ice Cream, Vanilla Ice Cream, and Fruity Cereal, it is about to get two more. Hitting the brand’s website on Monday of next week is a Strawberries and Cream with tasty freeze-dried strawberries and Cookies and Cream, with pieces of cookies throughout the powder.

Both of the upcoming flavor extensions of Panda Supplements’ Fuel protein powder will have its usual, advanced formula with added Prohydrolase, probiotics, AstraGin, and BioPerine, alongside a heightened 30g of protein a serving, low carbohydrates and fat, and 140 to 150 calories. Again, the new Strawberries and Cream and Cookies and Cream flavors are going live this coming Monday at $54.99 for a tub of 25 servings.