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Ekkovision closes the book on its high-powered caffeine-heavy pre-workout Ire

Ekkovision Discontinues Ire Pre-Workout

Ire was one of the many supplements the pre-workout specialist Ekkovision released in 2022, and it was indeed a pre-workout with a clear point of difference to separate it from the brand’s other entries in the category. Ire is or was Ekkovision’s high-powered, stimulant-heavy pre-workout, with a combined 500mg of caffeine per serving from standard caffeine anhydrous, zumXR, and Biozomal sustained-release caffeine.

Ekkovision has come out and announced that fans and followers wouldn’t be seeing the stimulant junkie pre-workout Ire return anytime soon; in fact, it won’t be returning at all. Following the brand’s impressive growth and increase in popularity, it feels Ire’s high amount of caffeine is too risky. To take that out of the picture completely, Ekkovision is discontinuing the pre-workout for good, so again, it’s not something fans will see again.

This isn’t to say Ekkovision won’t come out with a high-stimulant pre-workout at some point later down the road without that potent level of caffeine, but the journey has indeed ended for Ire. The brand still has plenty of other pre-workouts available, hence why we refer to it as a pre-workout specialist, including strong, comprehensive competitors like Satori, the recently reformulated Formula 3.0, and of course, Dethroner.

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