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Pre-workout specialist Ekkovision its high-stimulant competitor IRE

Ekkovision IRE Pre-workout

Ekkovision has become quite the pre-workout specialist in a very short time, as that is the category all of its supplements are for, from the powerhouse Detheroner to the recently released Rane and Satori. Sometime soon, fans are getting yet another pre-workout separate from all of its others, which is designed to be the growing brand’s more intense, high-stimulant competitor.

On the way from Ekkovision is a product named IRE, and it’ll be available in an extremely limited amount of just 500 units. The supplement is indeed going to be the brand’s extreme pre-workout, with most of its ingredients included for energy and focus. IRE still has several components to support non-stimulatory benefits, with a solid 4g of beta-alanine, coconut water, elevATP, taurine, 3.5g of betaine, and 50mg of performance-powering Senactiv.

Driving the energy and focus portion of IRE, and in typical Ekkovision style, is a lengthy list of ingredients, many of them reliable and proven branded ingredients. There is 1.5g of tyrosine, 450mg of alpha-GPC, 350mg of theobromine, huperzine A, 150mg of theanine, and then it’s onto the many premium components.

Ekkovision IRE Pre-workout Label

Ekkovision’s IRE includes the recently renamed CognitiQ, originally Neurofactor, at a solid 100mg a serving, another 100mg of Compound Solutions’ potent Dynamine, 300mg of the proven energy and focus-enhancing enXtra, and 200mg of Zynamite. You also get a hefty dose of caffeine at half a gram with 300mg of anhydrous and 100mg each of zumXR and Biozomal sustained-release caffeine.

Considering IRE is referred to as a high-stimulant formula, Ekkovision has kept the pre-workout relatively balanced and well-rounded. Most high-stimulant supplements drop any ingredients for things like performance and pump to make room for more energy and focus, although that’s not the case here. IRE is stimulant-heavy, especially with that 500mg of caffeine, but again, there is still a lot in there to support areas like performance and endurance.

As mentioned, Ekkovision is aiming to have IRE out and available sometime in the near future, and with only 500 units being produced, you won’t want to wait around too long when it goes live. We’re guessing it’ll have 20 full servings a tub, similar to its other premium pre-workouts, Dethroner and Rane, and while its price has not been confirmed, we suspect that’ll be similar to those products too.