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Elite Labs has a mysterious muscle builder on the way on top of its premium pre-workout

Elite Labs Six Numbered Supplement

It was only a few days ago that we got a teaser of another completely new supplement coming soon from Elite Labs, which was significantly busier than usual in 2022. The brand passed on an image of a mostly blank, yellow-colored tub, providing just one other detail, although it was a crucial one, in that the mystery product is going to be a packed-out premium pre-workout.

While we continue to wait for more information on that undoubtedly powerhouse pre-workout, Elite Labs has shared a teaser of yet another new product it has coming down the pipeline, separate from the pre-workout. Similar to that recent teaser, the latest from the brand is, once again, very vague, with the yellow-colored tub you can see above featuring the number six.

We have one extra detail to pass on outside of that six-numbered supplement, and that is the formula inside is designed to improve and enhance muscle building. We’ve seen a testosterone booster, fat burner, mass gainer, protein powder, and pre-workout from the brand in the past year, so a dedicated muscle builder fits right in, and we should have more information on it soon.

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