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Far East Alchemy turns an iconic Chinese candy into a flavor of protein powder

Far East Alchemy White Bunny Protein Powder

Far East Alchemy is a unique and creative brand out of Australia that has made a name for itself by producing some very intriguing boba-inspired flavors of whey protein. For those who don’t know, boba is a milk tea that often comes with tapioca balls and has an extensive history in eastern culture; however, it has become increasingly popular in the western world over the last few years.

Australia’s Far East Alchemy has some pretty exciting flavors, including the controversial Durian Milk Tea and the more traditional Brown Sugar Milk Tea. The brand has revealed and released yet another creative option this week with White Bunny in celebration of the Lunar New Year. The flavor is inspired by a candy that is iconic in Chinese culture and goes by the similar name White Rabbit.

White Rabbit candies are a milk tea candy that is sweet, chewy, and creamy. Far East Alchemy’s attempt at the flavor in the form of a protein powder has dropped today in 500g and 1kg bags, just in time for the first day of the Lunar New Year. The brand has also created a custom-branded red packet to go with every order of the new White Bunny flavor to celebrate the annual event.