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FAST drops its Soft and Crispy Protein Bar indeed featuring a soft and crispy build

Fast Soft Crispy Protein Bar

FAST from Finland has a new functional food referred to as the Soft and Crispy Protein Bar due to it having a relatively soft main body and crispy pieces across the top. It is a typically sized bar format snack, tipping the scales at 55g a piece, and it packs a little less than the usual 20g of protein at 16g, which is still a respectable amount for the calories you get.

Alongside the reasonable amount of protein in FAST’s Soft and Crispy Protein, there is 16 to 17g of carbohydrates with 2.5g or less of that sugar, between 9 and 11g of fat, and calories ranging from 213 to 218. As mentioned, the build of the product is fairly familiar with that dense main body, crispy pieces on top, and a chocolate outer, although it does look like there is an overload of crispies, so expect an intense crunch.

There are two flavors available for the new Soft and Crispy Protein Bar from FAST with Salted Peanut featuring white chocolate around the outside, and Cookies and Vanilla covered in milk chocolate. Both options are available in the brand’s home country, and you can probably expect to see them elsewhere as FAST does have distribution outside of Finland.

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