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Booster Black Zero gets a hint of passion for Faxe Kondi’s first drop of the New Year

Faxe Kondi Passion Booster Black Zero

Popular Danish energy drink Faxe Kondi has put a twist on one of its already available flavors as its first new product for the year of 2023, and like the last time we had the brand in headlines, this one is on the healthier side and has zero sugar. The beverage the well-distributed brand has given a bit of a twist is Booster Black Zero, which features a similar but lighter taste compared to the flagship, Booster Original.

Now available in stores in Faxe Kondi’s home country is a Passion Booster Black Zero, combining the previously released Booster Black Zero with a hit of refreshing passionfruit. The product sounds like a sort of fruity take on the energy drink, elevating the sweetness a touch with passionfruit. You still get all of the main ingredients of Booster Black Zero, including no sugar, ten calories a can, and a moderate 160mg of caffeine.

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