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Protein and carbohydrate Gainomax drink welcomes a Salty Fudge flavor

Gainomax Salty Fudge Recovery Drink

Another Swedish functional food company is starting the New Year on a busy note, with the bar and beverage brand Gainomax adding another flavor to the menu of its protein-packed Recovery Drink. This is the product that comes in the black carton, not the white-colored High Protein Shake, which is higher in protein than Recovery Drink at 30g, and it doesn’t have anywhere near as many carbohydrates.

Recovery Drink is the Gainomax beverage with more tastes to choose from, including classics like Chocolate and Vanilla, and some more exotic options like Raspberry and Blueberry. Joining that selection this month and now available in stores across the brand’s home country of Sweden is a sweet and salty Salty Fudge, packing Recovery Drink’s usual 20g of protein and twice that in carbohydrates at 40g.

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