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India’s Get-A-Whey continues to flex its creativity in low calorie cheesecake slices

3 weeks ago
Get A Whey I Love Cheesecake

Indian frozen functional food company Get-A-Whey is no stranger to innovation, going well beyond the typical format of frozen protein treats of things like ice cream and ice cream on a stick. The creative brand has pumped out miniature, crunchy, and chocolate-filled waffle cones or what it calls Waffle Bites, and don’t forget its low-calorie ice cream sandwiches in Chocolate Fudge, Blueberry, and Chocolate Peanut Butter flavors.

The latest item from Get-A-Whey is called I Love Cheesecake, which is a delicious baked cheesecake made without any added sugar, low carbohydrates, and three mouthwatering flavors to choose from. The macros on a sizeable slice include 5.4 to 5.6g of protein, 4.5 to 8g of net carbohydrates, and between 25 and 29g of fat, and it is obviously the fat that ramps up the calories, giving a total ranging from 365 to 293.

Get-A-Whey has given its low carbohydrate and low calorie I Love Cheesecake a classic build with a crumbly crust and a thick but smooth cake body. The flavors it’s launched in are a traditional New York Style Cheesecake, Double Chocolate, and something more refreshing in Blueberry. All of the options are available through the brand’s website at ₹340 (4.15 USD), except for the New York Style Cheesecake at ₹305.