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Get-A-Whey gets out of ice cream into low-sugar snacks its crunchy Waffle Bites

Get A Whey Waffle Bites

Get-A-Whey is a creative frozen functional company from India that makes tasty, creamy, and realistic ice cream that comes in high-protein and keto-friendly flavors. The brand has introduced a new type of product this month that sees it step outside of the frozen section and into the pantry with an intriguing low sugar snack in Get-A-Whey Waffle Bites.

Waffles Bites from Get-A-Whey are kind of like miniature ice creams, featuring a small, crunchy, bite-sized waffle cone, hence the name, and inside that cone is a rich milk or dark chocolate filling. Unlike the brand’s original ice cream, the Waffle Bites aren’t packed with protein or keto-friendly; again, the angle is low sugar for a more light alternative snack.

Get A Whey Waffle Bites

The macros on the Get-A-Whey Waffle Bites change slightly between its two flavors, Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate, but neither of them is high in protein, or low in carbohydrates enough to fall into that realm of keto-friendly. The nutrition in a 50g pack includes 4.5g of protein, 10 to 14g of fat, 30 to 32g of carbohydrates, only 2g of sugar, and 245 to 273 calories.

The Waffle Bites are certainly a nice change of pace and creativity from Get-A-Whey, giving fans something different to enjoy or anyone looking for a sweet, crunchy waffle treat that’s low in sugar. Those in India can grab the Waffle Bites straight from the brand’s website at ₹125 (1.61 USD) a bag with ordering available in packs of two, four, and a dozen bags.