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Gorilla Mind reveals a new flavor of Gorilla Mode similar to Evogen’s latest

Gorilla Mind Grape Cotton Candy Gorilla Mode

Less than 24 hours ago, we shared details of a new albeit limited edition flavor for Evogen’s flagship stimulant pre-workout EVP Xtreme NO in Grape Cotton Candy. As uniquely named as that flavor is, it turns out the premium brand from multiple Olympia champion coach Hany Rambod isn’t the only competitor in the sports nutrition industry that’s been cooking up that very taste.

The team at Gorilla Mind has announced the next new flavor of its star pre-workout Gorilla Mode, and it is practically identical to that of Evogen’s new Grape Cotton Candy. Gorilla Mind has also crafted a Grape Cotton Candy flavor for its pre-workout, which does read “Grape Cotton Candy” on its label, although the brand is referring to it in a different order as Cotton Candy Grape.

While the new Grape Cotton Candy Gorilla Mode is already listed in Gorilla Mind’s official online store, it is not going to be available for purchase until this coming Monday at precisely 10AM Eastern Time.