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HealthyCo makes a family of three bite-sized chocolate treats without added sugar

Healthyco Chocolate Peanuts Buttons Crunchies

Europe is teeming with creative, unique, and genuinely outstanding functional foods and protein snacks, with brands from countries all across the continent putting together some impressive selections. Up in Sweden, there is a mountain of functional companies in food and beverage formats, including the widely available and well-distributed HealthyCo.

Sweden’s HealthyCo is known for all sorts of delicious treats and snacks, including chocolate bars with no added sugar, the Proteinella family of sweet spreads, and dessert toppings also without added sugar. Joining that lineup this week is another tasty set of foods consisting of three on-the-go, bite-sized items in Chocolate Peanuts, Chocolate Buttons, and Chocolate Crunchies, none of which have any added sugar.

HealthyCo’s latest offerings are relatively self-explanatory; Chocolate Peanuts is indeed peanuts covered in chocolate with a rainbow shell; Chocolate Buttons are chocolate buttons wearing a rainbow shell; and chocolate crunchies a crunchy balls covered in chocolate. They all come in small 40g bags, and they’re already available from major supermarkets in Sweden, including the likes of Hemk√∂p, ICA, and City Gross.

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