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LEO-HB gives brands the ability to greatly enhance bioaccessibility of poorly soluble actives

Introducing LEO-HB Technology

We recently saw Glaxon make use of a new ingredient technology by the name of LEO-HB, or technically Boswellia LEO-HB, which is boswellia enhanced with patented LEO-HB technology for improved bioaccessibility and efficacy. The idea behind the innovative technology is that it turns poorly soluble actives into dispersible powders for, as mentioned, better bioaccessibility and bioavailability and, in turn, better results.

The most interesting feature of LEO-HB technology is its applications, as there are so many ways it can be utilized. While the company behind the innovation does offer shelf ingredients, such as Piperine LEO-HB, Ursolic Acid LEO-HB, and Boswellia LEO-HB seen in Glaxon’s Grit, it can do others. The company has the ability to process and apply the technology to other ingredients not in its catalog, giving brands a way to stand out.

Another key feature LEO-HB technology promotes is the need to have less, as with better bioavailability, the amount you take of an ingredient won’t need to be as much, resulting in a smaller serving. The company has a YouTube channel that visually demonstrates LEO-HB in action, with videos putting a standard ingredient beside a LEO-HB-enhanced version, and the difference is extremely obvious, as you can see in the one above.

You can find out more about LEO-HB and its bioaccessibility-enhancing technology through its website, whether that be for one of its shelf ingredients or something else that utilize the benefits of LEO-HB. With the wide vareity of applications and uses, we imagine we’ll be seeing more of the LEO-HB technology in the coming months, especially with the ability to help brands and supplements separate themselves from one another.

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