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First product drop from Killer Labz in 2023 is a reworked version of its fat burner Exterminator

Killer Labz Exterminator

For its complete rebrand, hardcore supplement company Killer Labz reformulated and relaunched three of its previously available products. That included a simpler version of the stimulant-free pump pre-workout Noxious, a revamped take on the high-stimulant pre-workout Stim Reaper, and a more comprehensive transformation for Brute BCAA, newly named Brute EAA.

Following on from that rebrand and relaunch, Killer Labz is starting the New Year with a refreshed version of another supplement it previously had on the market, before the makeover, in Exterminator. That product was the brand’s stimulant-powered competitor for the saturated weight loss category, and in a few weeks, on January 25th, it is making a return.

Killer Labz Exterminator Label

Above, you can see the facts panel for Killer Labz’s rebranded and reformulated Exterminator, which like its predecessor, maintains a strong focus on energy and focus driving ingredients. Powering the stimulant side of the supplement is a sizeable 505mg blend featuring caffeine anhydrous, juglans regia, Infinergy dicaffeine malate, and citrus aurantium, and another smaller 4mg blend of alpha yohimbine and huperzine.

There are some more fat-burning-focused components in the product with Paradoxine branded grains of paradise, which is in that 505mg stimulant blend, plus half a gram of carnitine tartrate and 50mg of ProGBB GBB for a noticeable thermogenic effect.

Altogether, the formula Killer Labz has brought together for its updated Exterminator is in line with those before it, with ingredients to support weight loss but mostly components for intense energy and focus. Again, the hardcore brand is planning to launch the new Exterminator later this month, on the 25th of January, through its online store at