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Whipped Cream joins the menu of Max Protein’s tasty and virtually no-calorie Yummy Flavors

Max Protein Whipped Cream Yummy Flavors

Busy brand Max Protein recently released another convenient functional food product by the name of Yummy Flavors, with the idea that you sprinkle it on your food for, as per the title, yummy flavor. The product debuted in three flavors, all approved by baking influencer Sara Conde, better known as Burpee Vet, with Mowlgy White Chocolate, straightforward Vanilla, and the neutral sweetener Edulcorante.

Max Protein has expanded the menu of Yummy Flavors this week, despite the product only coming to market about two and a half months ago, adding a fourth option. Going alongside those three tastes mentioned above is Nata, which is Spanish for cream, as this is intended to be a whipped cream flavoring powder. It’s a nice addition to the family and still keeps the macros low at only one calorie in 100g.

Max Protein’s Nata or Whipped Cream Yummy Flavors is available now in its home country of Spain in a large 120g bottle, and directly through the brand’s online store, you’ll pay a reasonable €9.95 (10.79 USD).