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MaxiMuscle uses pea and almond as sources in its newest plant-based protein powder

Maximuscle Max Vegan Protein Powder

Legacy sports nutrition brand MaxiMuscle from the UK has quite a variety of competitors in the protein powder category, from simple and straightforward whey products to more complex items like Cyclone and Progain. It does have a plant-based, vegan-friendly supplement out there in Plant Max featuring pea isolate and brown rice, although to start the New Year, MaxiMuscle is introducing a fresh new plant-powered product.

Max Vegan is MaxiMuscle’s latest vegan-friendly protein powder, and instead of relying on pea isolate and brown rice as sources of protein, the brand has gone with pea and almond protein on this one. Together they provide 22g of protein in a 30g serving, with under a gram of carbohydrates, no sugar, a low 2.6g of fat, and an impressively lean 118 calories.

While those macros are leaner than most plant-based protein supplements we come across, they’re not too far off MaxiMuscle’s previously released Plant Max, which is also a relatively lean protein powder. The new Max Vegan is available straight from the brand’s website at £21.99 for a small 14-serving tub in classic Chocolate and Vanilla flavors.