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One-of-a-kind Milk Candy Milk Tea flavor coming to Boba Tea Protein for Chinese New Year

Milk Candy Milk Tea Grass Fed Whey Protein

Chinese New Year is only a week away, on Sunday of next week, and the always enjoyable and innovative protein brand Boba Tea Protein is celebrating the occasion with a special edition product. The brand has proven many times before it can put together rare, unique, and never-before-seen flavors for its signature grass-fed whey protein powder; in fact, we got one just last month in Jasmine Milk Tea.

Boba Tea Protein’s limited-time creation for Chinese New Year features a red, and yellow or gold-like color combination, fitting for the occasion. As for the supplement inside the packaging, it is a Milk Candy Milk Tea Grass-Fed Whey Protein. The intriguing experience is described by the brand as a creamy version of its Classic Milk Tea flavor of protein featuring real black tea in and other milky flavors.

While Chinese New Year itself begins on the 22nd of January, Boba Tea Protein is starting its celebrations a little early and launching the unique Milk Candy Milk Tea Grass-Fed Whey Protein on Thursday of next week. The eye-catching special edition item will be available through the brand’s website at $47.99 and in a bundle for the same price, but you get similarly branded samples of two other flavors of protein.

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