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Myoband drops another protein-packed sparkling drink but with 12g of protein

Myoband Red Berries Protein Juice

The UK company Myoband recently released a surprisingly innovative product with RESQ, a protein-packed, sparkling cola beverage with 10g of protein a can and only 42 calories. It’s certainly not something we’ve seen before, and it turns out that’s not the only drink the brand has up its sleeve; it has quickly followed RESQ with another beverage featuring the more obvious name, Red Berries Protein Juice.

Myoband’s Red Berries Protein Juice is a canned beverage that has a nice and simple description right on its front that describes precisely what it is, saying, “I Am A Great Tasting Sparkling Protein Juice”. As the product itself explains, it is a sparkling juice in a red berry flavor featuring a good amount of protein at 12g per can with absolutely no sugar, and it’s in a tall 440ml can, not the standard 330ml of RESQ.

The only detail we’re missing for Red Berries Protein Juice is its source of protein, as, like RESQ, Myoband does not mention anything about that in its online store. It is on the brand’s website where you can now purchase the high-protein, red berry-flavored soda in a variety of options, including a single can at £1.99 (2.36 USD), going up to a case of two dozen cans at £29.99, which is £1.25 (1.48 USD) each.

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