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NZ Muscle continues its momentum with a fruit-flavored collagen-backed protein powder

Nz Muscle Protein Water

NZ Muscle already had a great start to the year, releasing a completely new sports nutrition supplement in the amino cocktail Hydro and a flavor extension for its premium Isolate Protein in Caramel Cinnamon Bun. To keep things interesting and exciting, the retailer and brand has another all-new product to share that goes by the name of Protein Water.

Like other supplements named similar, NZ Muscle’s Protein Water is a protein powder that, instead of coming in the usual chocolate and vanilla flavors, it has a more refreshing selection. Protein Water is available in Raspberry Lemonade and Pineapple Popsicle flavors, providing a lean 21.4g of protein per serving, no fat, under a gram of carbohydrates, and 88 calories.

The interesting point about Protein Water is that many of the fruit-flavored protein powders still use whey as their source of protein, although here, NZ Muscle has opted for collagen, something well worth knowing. You can purchase the product straight from the retailer’s online store at a low $49.99 (32.01 USD), but that is for a rather small bag of 15 servings.