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Mango Pineapple is not the only new flavor coming to the King Kongin energy drink

Orange Citrus Splash King Kongin Energy Drink

A couple of months ago, the beverage brand King Kongin announced the coming of a completely new functional product in Kongin Ade, featuring a variety of vitamins and another flavor for its original energy drink. The flavor extension is Mango Pineapple, and as far as we know, that product is still coming soon, and now it looks as though it is not coming down the pipeline alone.

King Kongin has reignited the topic of its Mango Pineapple energy drink with a preview, but in combination with that, it’s shared a look at another upcoming addition to its menu in Orange Citrus Splash. At the moment, the King Kongin energy drink, 116mg of caffeine and B vitamins, has one Cotton Candy taste to choose from, so not one, but another two, will certainly be appreciated by fans.

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