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Premier Protein’s sleep-supporting Good Night now has a more cost-effective powder option

Premier Protein Good Night Protein Powder

Good Night is Premier Protein’s alternative protein-packed shake that’s designed for use at night, as it uses a specific milk peptide with relaxing properties, again making it more suitable for before going to bed. It turns out Good Night hasn’t only been put together in an on-the-go drinkable format; there is also a powder supplement version featuring the same ingredients and promoting the same benefits.

Premier Protein’s bulk powder Good Night has 10g of protein like the Good Night shakes, but significantly lower carbohydrates and fat with only 2g of carbs versus 10 in the drink, and zero fat versus the shake’s 2g. That additionally results in a lower calorie count of 50 instead of 90, and with added vitamins and minerals, you essentially get all of the same effects as the beverage with a leaner nutrition profile.

Fans of Premier Protein will have to sacrifice flavor variety when it comes to the protein powder option of Good Night, as it has only one taste to choose from in Cozy Cocoa, instead of Cozy Cocoa, Dream Vanilla, and Caramel Bliss for the drink. The bulk supplement is obviously more cost-effective, with Amazon selling a tub of 20 servings of Good Night at $18.95 versus the online giant’s $22.99 for a case of 12 bottles.