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SEEQ did indeed sell its $4,999 Christmas Tree Bundle of 131 tubs of protein powder

Seeqmas Tree Sold

One of the most fun and interesting stories we shared over the Christmas period was, of course, the protein brand SEEQ’s Christmas Tree Bundle. It was created so that you can build your own SEEQmas Tree, but it’s a lot of tubs, and the price was high at a total of $4,999. The set came with 131 tubs of the brand’s signature, refreshing, fruit-flavored Clear Whey Isolate that came with instructions on how to stack the tubs and create a Christmas tree out of protein.

We were curious if anyone would invest that amount of money in that many tubs of SEEQ’s Clear Whey Isolate, especially with 130 of the units being the green-colored Tropical Punch flavor and one Lemonade to sit atop the tree and act as a star. The brand did add a bonus to the Christmas Tree Bundle, saying that its CEO Ben Zaver would personally travel to any customer that purchases the set and help put together the 5′ 3″ protein powder SEEQmas Tree.

It turns out there was indeed a company that got their hands on SEEQ’s Christmas Tree Bundle, and they let us know about it. The supplement manufacturer Formulife purchased the 131-tub set of protein powder, and it was set up at the gym Extreme Studio Performance in Dallas, Texas. The gym is encouraging people nearby to come down and check it out, as it’s not often you’ll see a Christmas Tree made out of protein powder, let alone fruit-flavored protein.

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