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Spartan Protein appears to take inspiration from Crunchie in its latest limited launch

Spartan Protein Crunchie Pure Whey

Protein specialist Spartan Protein in the UK has a nice variety of protein and nutrition-focused supplements, and one of those frequently gets creative and intriguing limited-edition flavors launched for it. The product we’re referring to is Spartan Protein’s Pure Whey, a straightforward whey concentrated-based competitor providing 23g of protein per serving in its Belgian Chocolate flavor with a reasonable calorie count of 119.

Spartan Protein has just dropped another one of its interesting limited-time flavors for Pure Whey protein powder, and we’re pretty sure we know what this one is inspired by and intended to taste like. Joining the supplement’s menu for a short time is a flavor named Crunchie, and looking at the marketing, the actual name of the taste, and description, Crunchie Pure Whey appears to be based on the popular candy bar of the same name.

The temporary Crunchie Pure Whey from Spartan Protein sounds like it has a chocolate and honeycomb experience, and it to authentically deliver on part of the flavor, it has actual honeycomb pieces in the powder. The product is available straight from the brand’s online store in its usual 1kg bag at £32 (39.72 USD), or if you’d prefer to try it before investing in a full-size, there are sample packs for only £2.20 a piece.