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Up and downvoting now available on every post with a highest-voted section coming

Stack3d Post Voting

The regular visitors of Stack3d that frequently check in with the premier supplement news website via a bookmark, notification, or social media, will notice something a bit different on the home page. Currently showing up alongside each of our posts in the newsfeed, search pages, and the category and brand-filtered archive pages are arrow buttons, one pointing up and the other pointing down.

For some time, we have wanted to work in a feature that is seamless and, most of all, incredibly convenient for visitors to show what supplements, functional foods, and various other products they feel deserve some attention and appreciation. The arrows alongside the posts give you the ability to do exactly that; the up arrow gives a post one vote, and the down arrow simply takes one away.

We’re currently testing out the feature on the website, and after seeing how it goes over the coming days, we’ll expand it so you can vote on the post pages, and we’ll display those results in a sort of “don’t miss” or “people’s choice” section. Either way, it’ll be somewhere the highest-voted post or posts are displayed, and from a small selection of days, to ensure it rotates around reasonably frequently.

For now, all we ask is that you click the upvote or downvote buttons, the former on products and stories you like and the latter on things you don’t think deserve any praise. You can vote once per post per device and if you come across any bugs or errors, feel free to reach out via our contact page and let us know.

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