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Tonificare puts elevATP and Senactiv in its upcoming hydration supplement

Tonificare Hydra Lyte

Up-and-coming and well-formulated Tonificare competes in a few sports nutrition categories at the moment, covering the majority of the popular spaces such as pre-workout, protein powder, and amino. Another area that has received a lot of attention over the past couple of years is hydration, where many brands have crafted something with the likes of Ghost Hydration, Redcon1 Canteen, and Xtend Healthy Hydration.

Tonificare has announced that it is turning its attention to the increasingly popular hydration space in its next new supplement, and it has completely unveiled the item, introducing Hydro Lyte. The brand has formulated Hydro Lyte as a more complex and advanced competitor, beyond your typical blend of electrolytes, packing it full of ingredients for the primary purpose of hydration and additionally support performance and endurance.

Tonificare Hydra Lyte Label

Tonificare’s Hydro Lyte does feature a variety of key electrolytes to improve hydration, including premium Calci-K, plus a blend of vitamins, 1.6g of taurine, and the proven performance supporters elevATP and Senactiv at 150mg and 50mg, respectively. To top it all off and help users get even more out of the ingredients in the supplement, the brand has thrown in 50mg of the ever-present AstraGin for better absorption.

Knowing the formulas Tonificare has squeezed into its other supplements like the pre-workouts Stim Xtreme and PMP Advanced, it’s no surprise it has brought a similarly advanced approach to the hydration space in Hydra Lyte. Like many others in the category, the brand has packaged each serving of the product into sachets, and it is launching through in a little less than a month on the 20th of February.