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V1 Nutra promises a carbohydrate-fueled intra-workout for sometime this year

V1 Nutra Intra Workout Intra V

V1 Nutra has become an extremely impressive sports nutrition brand to watch and follow, keeping things interesting and exciting by consistently releasing new supplements and flavors. This weekend, we are getting more of that hype from the brand as it is launching several products, including a reformulated return of the stimulant pre-workout V1X and a revamped version of the pump-supporting capsule formula Pump X.

Some new information has come in from V1 Nutra regarding a completely new supplement, not a reformulation or anything like V1X and Pump X, something the brand has not come out with before. Currently in testing and becoming available sometime later this year is Intra-V, an intra-workout product to support performance, endurance, and muscle recovery during exercise, and help power you through an intense workout.

What we know so far about the formula in V1 Nutra’s upcoming Intra-V is that it brings together three sources to provide 10g of carbohydrates a serving, nutrient uptake components to make better use of the carbs, and amino acids for the recovery side of the supplement. The combination of carbs and aminos is the common approach to an intra-workout, and again, that is what we’re getting in V1 Nutra plus the uptake support.

All V1 Nutra has said about the release of Intra-V is that it is planned for sometime this year, although one of the many things the brand is good at is communicating and hyping product drops, so we’ll likely get more information and a heads up on when Intra-V will become available.