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Sweet Peach flavor hitting Vayu’s premium pre-workout this coming Saturday

Vayu Peach Nitro X

Nitro X is sports nutrition specialist Vayu’s take on the premium pre-workout Trend, offering a more advanced and comprehensive experience compared to its original pre-workout Nitro. It certainly has its fair share of impressive highlights, including 10g of citrulline malate per serving to enhance muscle pumps, 10g of glutamine, 1.2g of the Green Select superfood blend, and 2g each of GlycerMax and betaine.

Interestingly, Vayu launched its premium pre-workout Nitro X in two versions, one with a silver on black label and the other with a red on white, although on the inside, they were identical, featuring all of the same ingredients, dosages, and Blood Orange flavor. Fans of the brand that wanted another taste to choose from, we have some exciting news for you this week, about three months after the rollout of Nitro X.

Officially launching this coming Saturday in Vayu’s home country of Germany is a Peach flavor of the Nitro X pre-workout, combining the brand’s premium formula with a refreshingly sweet peach taste.

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