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Alpha Sports adds a more advanced and higher energy alternative to its Rush pre-workout

Alpha Sports Nutrition Rush Extreme

Alpha Sports Nutrition in South Africa has a new competitor in the saturated pre-workout category, not replacing but going alongside its previously only entry Rush. The supplement is named Rush Extreme, and you can probably guess the critical difference between the latest from the brand and its original Rush, although it is built to offer a bit more than an extreme experience.

Rush Extreme has many of the same main ingredients as Rush, and all of those consistent features have been carried over at higher dosages; for example, instead of 5g of pure citrulline and 3.2 of beta-alanine, you get 6g and 4g, respectively. Again, it is a step up in other ways than a more intense or extreme pre-workout, although it does offer that due to featuring additional focus ingredients and a higher dose of caffeine.

Alpha Sports Nutrition has included 300mg of alpha-GPC and half a gram of choline bitartrate in its second-ever pre-workout Rush Extreme, both there to support and enhance mental focus. As mentioned, the caffeine has been elevated as well, where the regular Rush comes with 250mg a serving, and for the Extreme variant, the brand has bumped it up 20% to a strong 300mg.

The formula from Rush to Rush Extreme isn’t supremely different, or at least as diverse as we’ve seen between two in-house pre-workouts from other brands, with Extreme offering a similar balance of benefits but slightly stepped up, especially in focus and energy. There is a leap in price, as Rush Extreme is more than double per serving at R349 (19.64 USD) for a tub of 20 servings.