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Built makes a flavor of Built Bar based on the classic Animal Cookies with ruby chocolate and sprinkles

Animal Cookie Built Bar

Built Brands is never short of new and creative flavors for its various functional foods and protein snacks, including its flagship, Built Bar and the softer and puffier Built Puffs. The brand is certainly no stranger to crafting some unique options and never-before-seen flavor experiences, and that is what it has brought you this week with a limited edition flavor based on a genuinely classic cookie treat.

For a limited time, Build Brands’ sweet, smooth, and protein-packed Built Bar is available in an Animal Cookie flavor inspired by the snack of the same name, and to authenticate the taste, it’s made with ruby chocolate and rainbow sprinkles. The nutrition profile on this is just as good as its other Built Bar options, with 17g of protein, 2.5g of fat, 19g of carbohydrates, 5g of that sugar, and a reasonable 140 calories.

Built Brands’ Animal Cookie Built Bar is a limited-time taste, so get it while it’s available over at, and like the macros, the price is the same as any other flavor of the protein bar at $29.95 for a box of a dozen. The brand’s direct-to-consumer online store also comes with free shipping on orders over $25, so just grabbing a box of the new Animal Cookie flavor immediately qualifies you for the perk.