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Calum Von Moger’s Aussie Freak flavors coming to Bucked Up in a couple of days

Bucked Up X Calum Von Moger Flavor Collaborations

In a couple of days, Bucked Up is dropping some more flavor extensions, which we’ve already seen many times this year from the brand in its three-piece Candy Series and the GNC-exclusive Apple Spice for Bucked Up and Woke AF. The upcoming products from Bucked Up are a bit different this time around, not because of the tastes they have packed into them but because they are both collaborations.

Bucked Up has come together with long-time fitness influencer, multi-Generation Iron feature, and star of the film Bigger, Calum Von Moger, for his own flavor of the pre-workouts Bucked Up and Woke AF. We’re not sure if the two supplements will have their own individual flavor or if it’ll be the same one for both pre-workouts; either way, everyone will be able to get their hands on them in a couple of days.

Bucked Up is referring to its flavor collaborations with Calum Von Moger as Aussie Freak Flavors, which certainly sounds like there will be at least more than one flavor; again, all will be revealed and available shortly. The products are going live in the brand’s own online store at, where the self-titled pre-workout Bucked Up will cost you $49.95 a tub, and the high-stimulant Woke AF is $54.95.