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Bucked Up encourages fans to enjoy its GNC-exclusive Apple Spice flavor hot and cold

Apple Spice Bucked Up

Bucked Up has become extremely busy over the last several months on the flavor side, releasing several additions to the menus of its many different pre-workouts — Bucked Up, BAMF, and Woke AF. Fans were recently treated to the three-flavor Candy Series; before that, we got the sweet Caramel Apple; around the middle of last year came the extensive Cocktail Collection; and right before that was Iced Tea Lemonade.

To say Bucked Up has been busy adding flavors is clearly an understatement, but it has made things exciting with the angles, approach, and marketing, and this week we have yet another one to share. Now available exclusively through the sports nutrition retail giant GNC is n Apple Spice flavor for two of the brand’s pre-workouts in Bucked Up and Woke AF, and it’s promoted as enjoyable both hot and cold.

The marketing around Bucked Up’s GNC-exclusive Apple Spice Bucked Up and Woke AF pre-workouts continues that creative twist we’ve seen in some of the other flavor drops, and it plays nicely into the current season. Again, you can only get the products from GNC, including its website, where they are both in stock and will cost you $49.99 for the Apple Spice Bucked Up and slightly more for Apple Spice Woke AF at $54.99.