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Details emerge on a stick pack version of the Cognizin-enhanced C4 Smart Energy drink

C4 Smart Energy Sticks

Cellucor and its focus-enhanced beverage C4 Smart Energy started the year strong, announcing a rather large revamp of the product. A fresh new look was revealed for the functional energy drink, although it didn’t end there. The sports nutrition giant confirmed it would maintain its original 16oz formula with a reliably effective dose of Cognizin but move into a slim and sleek 12oz can, and add several new flavors.

Once again, it was significant news for the energy drink additionally built to support and enhance mental focus, but the story doesn’t end there. Details have surfaced from the distributor Europa of a second version of C4 Smart Energy, and this is not another carbonated beverage. The brand is taking the multi-benefit drink, turning it into a flavored powder, and packaging it into convenient, single-serving stick packs.

The product is referred to as C4 Smart Energy Sticks, featuring many of the same main ingredients as the original energy drink, including premium and proven Cognizin branded citicoline and 200mg of natural caffeine from green coffee bean. Basically, it’s the same sort of experience as the beverage but in stick packs full of powder that you simply tear open, pour into a cup or bottle, mix with water, and throw down.

Three flavors have been revealed so far for the C4 Smart Energy drink spin-off, C4 Smart Energy Sticks, with Peach Mango, Strawberry Watermelon, and Yuzu Lime, none of which are available for the beverage except Peach Mango. We’re not sure when the stick-pack version of C4 Smart Energy will be making its way out to stores and stockists, but we can’t imagine it’s far away with details surfacing at Europa.

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