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Revamped C4 Ultimate drink puts more attention on focus adding Cognizin and BrainBerry

C4 Ultimate Energy Drink Superbrain Version

Not too long after Cellucor came out with its first carbonated energy beverage, now referred to as C4 Energy, we got an Ultimate version, similar to how you have the C4 Original pre-workout and the premium alternative C4 Ultimate. The C4 Ultimate energy drink doesn’t have everything you get in the powder pre-workout, but still a lot more than your typical beverage, including CarnoSyn, citrulline, and BetaPower.

Details have come in on a revamped C4 Ultimate energy drink, which hasn’t changed its appearance as much as the updated C4 Smart Energy drink recently did, although there are plenty of noteworthy differences. Firstly, Cellucor has touched up the look of the Ultimate beverage a bit, keeping all of the colors and information pretty much the same, except the section of color for the flavor callout cuts in far lower on the can.

Next, we dig into the contents of the renewed C4 Ultimate energy drink, and that is where all of the changes come in. Cellucor has essentially transformed the product into more of a focus-driving beverage, as opposed to the pre-workout style of the original. Looking at the back of the beverage, none of those performance-supporting components mentioned above are in there, such as BetaPower or citrulline.

C4 Ultimate Energy Drink Revamp

The C4 Ultimate energy drink has had several premium and proven ingredients added to its formula, once again, to elevate and enhance mental focus. Alongside the hefty hit of caffeine, which has remained at a strong 300mg, Cellucor has thrown in AlphaSize-branded alpha-gpc, cognition-supporting Cognizin, and another quality, focus-enhancing component in BrainBerry, although none of them are listed with dosages.

It’s an interesting revamp, moving the C4 Ultimate energy drink in a more nootropic, focus-supporting direction; in fact, on the front, the product now says “Superbrain Performance”, a catchphrase from the can of the first version of C4 Smart Energy. The updated beverage is expected to be making its way out to stores shortly, with confirmation of Arctic Snow Cone and Orange Cream flavors still without sugar and ten calories a can.

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