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Chaos and Pain combines two of its muscle-building Chemical products for Chemical-FT

Chaos And Pain Chemical Ft

The Chemical Series is a family of supplements from Chaos and Pain that typically revolves around muscle building and consists of products like Chemical-T featuring tongkat ali or longjack, Chemical-E with epicatechin, and the ecdysterone formula Chemical-BE. As you can see, each entry relies on one or two ingredients and is named after them, and this month there is a new addition to the collection in Chemical-FT.

Chaos and Pain’s latest Chemical Series supplement is really a combination of two that are already available in Chemical-F and Chemical-T. Chemical-F is a fadogia agrestis product, and Chemical-T, as touched on earlier, features longjack. The newly released Chemical-FT blends the one ingredient and full dosage from each of those supplements, Chemical-F and T, into a single, two-capsule serving.

Chaos And Pain Chemical Ft Label

The precise amounts you get of fadogia agrestis and longjack you get in Chaos and Pain’s Chemical-FT is, as mentioned, the same as those separate products with 750mg of fadogia and 400mg of longjack. Price-wise, Chemical-FT is the better way to go as it has everything you get in Chemical-F and Chemical-T, but it’s $5 cheaper than buying the two at $44.95, with an entire bottle having enough servings for a month.

It is worth noting, Chaos and Pain is celebrating the launch of its muscle-building fadogia agrestis and longjack supplement Chemical-FT with a sale, where for a limited time, you can use the coupon “DROPPED50” and get two bottles for the price of one. As always, that’s a dynamite deal and well worth taking advantage of if you’re a fan of the brand and even more so if you’re a regular user of Chemical-F and Chemical-T.