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Chaos and Pain puts three times the dose of TUDCA in its latest Chemical Series entry

Chaos And Pain Chemical Tn

We just saw the hardcore supplement company Chaos and Pain release Chemical-FT, which is something fans essentially already had available to them, although it was spread across two separate products. Chemical-FT is the combination of the main ingredients found in Chemical-F and Chemical-T, and this week we have the brand doing a similar sort of thing again in the launch of Chemical-TN.

Chaos and Pain’s all-new Chemical-TN brings together TUDCA from the already available Chemical TudGenesis, and one of the many components from Chemical-OD in n-acetyl-cysteine. Those two ingredients have been paired for Chemical-TN with different dosages, including three times the TUDCA as TudGenesis at 750mg, and 900mg of n-acetyl-cysteine, compared to Chemical-OD’s gram per serving.

Like those other supplements, Chaos and Pain’s Chemical-TN is built to support liver health and function, and the brand is actually saying it can be paired with Chemical-OD for a complete organ health stack. Being relatively straightforward with two ingredients, the price of Chemical-TN is closer to TudGenesis than Chemical-OD at $44.99 a bottle; however, for its debut, it is discounted to $34.99.