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Tiger’s Blood is back for another limited run for eFlow’s signature pre-workout

Eflow Brings Back Tigers Blood Enrage Black

One of the many things eFlow Nutrition is known for, and we see it quite frequently from the supplement company, is limited edition flavor extensions, almost always for its signature pre-workout Enrage Black. The last one we saw from the busy brand was its Black Friday drop with a Pineapple Whip flavor of Enrage Black, and one of the interesting things about it was it was only around during eFlow’s Black Friday sale.

eFlow Nutrition has another temporary taste this month, and this one has an intriguing point about it as well, as it is a past limited-time flavor of Enrage Black, giving fans a chance to try it again or for the first time if they initially missed out. Returning to the menu of the supplement is the classic watermelon, strawberry, and coconut cocktail Tiger’s Blood, and it’s available now at $49.99 while stocks last from