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Customers refunded following an error on the label of Ekkovision’s fat burner

Ekkovision Cancels Crescent Pre-Orders

Ekkovision shared details on a completely new supplement last week, and it was actually its first-ever weight loss-focused product with Crescent. It was designed specifically to support and suppress appetite, not an effect you commonly see at the heart of a fat burner. It also relies on several proven and premium ingredients, including InnoSlim, MitoBurn, CapsiMax, and Chromium.

There is a reason we’re saying ‘was’ and not ‘is’, because Ekkovision has canceled any pre-orders that were placed and completely refunded customers that had secured themselves a bottle. The reason behind this is readers may remember phenylpiracetam was said to be in the supplement, which is an ingredient the FDA classifies as an unapproved drug, although it wasn’t meant to be in Crescent.

Ekkovision confirmed there was a mix-up as the weight loss supplement Crescent was being produced with everything from that list of ingredients except for phenylpiracetam, although it was put on the label. Again the brand has said it’ll still be producing the product, so it sounds like even though interested fans were refunded, there will be another chance to get a bottle.

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