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Elev Global goes from pre-workout to weight loss in Thermo Plus and Thermo Pro

Elev Global Thermo Plus And Thermo Pro

Following its slew of pre-workouts from last month in Pre Work, Pre Gold, and the stimulant-free Pre Pump, Elev Global has shared its first two products for another popular category. The latest from the growing brand sees it evolve into the world of weight loss, and while it doesn’t have as many entries as pre-workouts, it still has a fair amount, with two in Thermo Plus and Thermo Pro.

Similar to Pre Work and Pre Gold, Elev Global’s fat-burning debuts, Thermo Plus and Thermo Pro, are separated by their complexity, with Pro packing a slightly more advanced formula than Plus. The supplements still aim to provide the same sort of benefits and effects, supporting and helping fans along their weight loss journey with ingredients for energy, focus, metabolism, and overall fat loss.

Some of the key components filling out Elev Global’s Thermo Plus include cayenne pepper, green tea, yerba mate, and green coffee bean; then, in Thermo Pro you get a step up with advanced and modern components like acetyl-l-carnitine, garcinia cambogia, Slender Bean branded green coffee, choline bitartrate for focus, and a variety of sources of caffeine to increase and enhance energy.

Like Pre Work, Pre Gold, and Pre Pump, Elev Global’s weight loss competitors Thermo Plus and Thermo Pro are making their way to stores shortly, each with 60 single-serving capsules per bottle, which works out to 30 daily servings, taking one capsule twice a day.

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