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EVL’s second stimulant pre-workout discounted to $27.99 tub for a limited time

Evl Limited And Strong Rpm Discount

EVL recently introduced a second stimulant pre-workout, and it was a big deal as this was only the second time we’d seen a fully focused stimulant-powered pre-workout from the brand in its many years on the market. The hugely popular and successful EVL introduced RPM, which has plenty of ingredients for an intense increase in energy and focus, and unlike its original ENGN, it doesn’t have any creatine or beta-alanine.

Through EVL’s online store, the RPM pre-workout is a little less than ENGN at $39.99 for a tub of 30 full servings in a classic Blue Raz flavor and a candy-themed Peach Rings. We’ve got the supplement back in the spotlight this week because, for a limited time, it is discounted quite heavily. The brand has dropped it well below its regular price tag, right out of the $30, making it a good time to give it a try if you’ve wanted to.

Over in EVL’s official online store, you can use the coupon “PRE30” to bring RPM down from its usual $39.99 to $27.99, putting in that rarely seen sub $30 price range. We’re not sure how long the offer is running, but it’s a strong sale, and the code’s substantial 30% discount is not sitewide and does only apply to the pre-workout.

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